Hi Honey producers story began as a honey making hobby in 1982.

Now nearly 280 bee families are being tended to by our family and staff.

The Highest Dedication
to Quality Honey

Hi Honey has the biggest selection of pure honey with freeze-dried fruits and herbs.
Honey production is certified by a Certificate of Quality. This certificate is issued to companies that utilize special farming and/or production techniques, which make them distinct.

Our bees are only treated with ecological medications, the hives are wooden, the location of the apiaries adheres to the IKP (Exceptional Quality Product) requirements and the extraction techniques meet EU standards. Honey is being produced with freeze-dried products only grown on Lithuanian farms.

The bees work for us and we work for them, and that is why we give special attention to those who cannot imagine their lives without unique, natural bee products.

— hi honey

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